At All Things Love Events we plan, design, and manage exceptional celebrations throughout the world while offering first class service. We are dedicated to creating elegant, unmatched, and unforgettable weddings, lavish private events and corporate functions for both domestic and international clientele.

Passionate about what we do, we strive to ensure that all our events are perfectly planned and excellently executed. ATL Events prides itself for being able to push creative boundaries whilst still capturing our client’s personal aesthetics not forgetting to deliver immaculate attention to detail, all with one special ingredient - LOVE.

Why Chose Us

We turn your dream to reality. We know that the secret ingredient to an exceptional, memorable event lies in the details and with our creative and dedicated team by your side every step of the way, as well as the amazing network of vendors in our ‘little love book’ our clients rest assured that these dreams are brought to life.

Our personal touch is that we listen - we take pride in the fact that our events reflect our client's vision and each one is just as unique as they are. Also having worked with clients from a range of different backgrounds and cultures, we understand that one show does not fit all and we are happy to create something special just for you.

Client Satisfaction

Our main focus as a company is to ensure that we exceed expectations. We know that the design and overall ambiance of an event goes a long way but what ultimately makes a great event is the satisfaction of the people. That is why at ATL Events we never compromise on the quality of standard delivered to ensure our clients requirements are met and that guest experiences surpass their expectations.

Attention to detail

Our goal is to leave no stone unturned, no possibility undiscovered and no detail untended to. We work closely with our clients to produce events that overstep the version of our client's vision.

We work hard so you don’t have to

Passionate about what we do, our duty is to relieve our clients from stress and frustration that comes with planning an event. We work closely with you to put together unforgettable moments allowing you to enjoy each phase of the planning process and watch your event come to life. We deal with logistics, paperwork, creative development and everything in between.